chelseagirl (chelseagirl) wrote in american_mcgee,

Hey, anybody here?

I'm writing an academic paper on some contemporary versions of Alice, including some of the films and graphic novels. I'm also including the American McGee games, but . . .

I'm not a gamer. Seriously not a gamer, as in I tried to play the first game and never got past the first level. I bought the PS3 versions for my husband, and when I can shake him loose from Call of Duty, he's been demo'ing them for me, but I'm running short on time for completion.

Can anyone out there suggest: websites, demos, etc.? Anybody willing to be interviewed? (This is a paper for publication, so you could get quoted in an academic journal.) I do have the Art of Alice the Madness Returns book, and I just ordered the strategy manual for the original game, but I could definitely use some help.

I'm more impressed by what I've been able to see of the games than I am of most of the other versions, btw, so this will definitely be respectful.
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