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American McGee Fans
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Only a few find the way, some don't recognize it when they do...some don't ever want to..."
--Cheshire Cat

Welcome to LJ's first American McGee fan community!

American McGee is the innovative game designer who brought us games like "Alice" and the forthcoming "Oz" and "Twisted Tales." He's known for his gothic approach to classic children's tales and for creating lush, detailed games that are a treat for all of the senses. His projects also include a series of books, toys, and films to accompany his games. He also works as a music video/tv commercial director for Radical Media and is the director/founder of Carbon 6 Inc.

This community is dedicated to American and his works. Use this as a forum for gaming questions/comments & cheat codes/walk throughs, pending release dates for games and movies, screen caps/pictures/art, music, toy/collectable trade, game tips and anything else related to American McGee and his work.


1) Introduce yourself.
(We're not gonna force you, but we appreciate it.)

2) Be kind to one another. NO FLAMING!

3) Keep posts on topic. If you post something that is off-topic (whether accidentally or intentionally), it will be removed immediately.

4) The following items MUST be placed behind an LJ Cut:
+Cheat Codes & Walk Throughs
+Posts containing more than one picture.
If a post is in need of an LJ Cut, it will be automatically deleted and you'll be given the option to repost if it's appropriate. I'm kind of lenient on this one and it's done case-by-case...but there you have it.

As of May 16, 2005

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6) Have fun!
(believe me, even after all the rules, you still can!)

(The Moderator reserves the right to delete any post or ban any member she deems to be in violation of these guidelines. The Moderator will make every effort to notify via comment why your entry was deleted and whether or not it is appropriate to repost.)

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